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Feb 10, 2010

PD 6547:2004 + A1:2009 CORRECTION

An error has been discovered in PD 6547, Guidance on the use of BS EN 40-3-1 and BS EN 40-3-3 in Table A.1 which could affect column designs for Coventry.
The error will be corrected by BSI in due course but read on for detailed information.

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In Table A.1 - Rationalised wind loading factor Rwf and maximum altitude on page 9 the Administrative Area 'Warwickshire & Coventry' should be amended to simply 'Warwickshire'.
In the notes on page 10, Coventry is listed under 'West Midlands'.

The effect is that the rationalised loading factor could have been taken as either Medium or Extra Light.
The UK committee have carefully considered this with due regard to altitude and confirmed that the 'Extra Light' category is correct.